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Q. Do my scores automatically go back to England Golf?

A. Yes! Providing you've entered your Handicap Number accurately in the 'Membership Number' section, your score will appear by the next day.


Q. How do I claim my prizes?

A. All our prizes are kept on accounts in our Shop, they can be spent in store or we can to bring prizes to events.  (We always have ball stock at events)

Please Note - We do not post prizes out & Prizes Expire after 12  Months.


Q. How does the competition work and what should I expect on the day?

A. Our Events are Singles Stableford and Handicap Qualifying, we pay out £700 of prizes as a minimum. Registration opens 45 minutes before the 1st tee time, we do nearest pins x 3 and this is usually ProV1s as the Prize. We operate Live scoring via our app 'Golf Genius' so make sure to have it downloaded.


Q. Can I Get a Refund if I cancel?

A. Refunds will always be offered for 1 Day events more than 3 weeks prior to the event. Less than 3 Weeks before an event is down to the discretion of Green Golf, this is usually down to if we've confirmed number with the venue. For our multi day events all deposits are non refundable.


Q. I had extra/less shots than expected on the day of the tournament based on the slope rating and my handicap, why is that?

A. Due to our events often having mixed fields (men and women playing from different tees) WHS has a differential which measures the difference in difficulty of each course. If one course is deemed easier/harder than the other one category may loose or recieve extra/less shot(s).


Tournament Rules

All of our competitions are singles stableford format with a 95% handicap (after slope rating) 

Our competitions are split into two divisions and equal prizes are split across both divisions

1st - £120, 2nd - £90, 3rd - £70 in each division (Ties are split equally)

Division 1 - (9.9 and less) 

Division 2 - (10.0 and higher)

If there are less than fifty players the competition will have just one division

All events have a minimum prize pot of £700 providing their are at least 50 competitors


We have Nearest the Pin Competitions at all events (usually 3) the prize for this is a box of premium Golf balls

We list the balls on the results and specify the balls we have in stock at that time, we can not guarantee those specific balls will be available forever as our ball stock changes periodically due to sponsors, manufacturer availability and seasonal offers.


We operate a 4BBB (pairs) Chuck In which costs £3 per player. 

The 4BBB is 75% handicap (after slope rating) 

The 4BBB is run via the live scoring and pairs are based on the tee sheet. 

Players 1 & 2 will pair and players 3 & 4 will pair.

Winner takes all in the form of a shop voucher


The 2s competition is £3 per player and if you make a gross 2 you win a sleeve of Premium Golf Balls. 

(the balls for prizes do change periodically between ProV1, Chrome Soft and TP5)

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Refund Policy: If you wish to cancel playing an event, all cancellations more than 14 days prior to the event will be given in credit for future events. Cancellations between 7 & 14 days will be at the discretion of the organiser. Any cancellations less than 7 days will not be refunded or given as credit. (Please contact us when wanting to cancel and we will do our best to find a suitable outcome.)