Order Of Merit 2024!

How it works...

Competitions are split into 2 Divisions, however the Order Of Merit is based on the full field for 2024. When we publish the results there will be a seperate leaderboard without split divisions which is what the Order Of Merit points will be based on. Ties will have the points split equally.

Your best 7 finishes will make up your 'Order Of Merit' total!

The Second to last event will be worth one and a half times points

The Final Event (Closing Day) will be worth double points

Order Of Merit Opening Day - TBC (Late February/Early March)

Order Of Merit Closing Day - TBC (Early/Mid October)


1st - 

2nd - 

3rd - 

4th - 

5th - 

6th -  

7th -

8th - 

9th - 

10th -